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  • Reducing operational risk and

    reducing machine downtime

    with eco anti corrosive coatings

    Increasing service life and asset value

    Reduce operational risk and machine downtime

  • Natural safe products

    Ecologically sound

    Reducing your carbon footprint

    Working towards your CSR Target

  • Marine


    Oil Rigs



    Industrial solutions

  • Up there

    On this

    Under that


    All surfaces

  • Our customers can save £20,000 per year, per machine!

    They rest easy not worrying about down time

    Their operational risk is reduced

    Machine life is extended and their service time is saved


Asset Protector are experts in the application know how and are the manufacturer of industrial and superior eco-friendly waterproof, anti corrosive greases and sprays which provide a barrier against salt, water, all weather elements, acids and alkalines.  Used as a protectant on your machines and assets which operate or sit in harsh environments, Asset Protector reduces operational risk, extends machine and asset life, reduces downtime and reduces service and cleaning times and costs.

The coatings prevent corrosion, rust, verdigris and electrolysis and all are non-conductive to 70Kv.  They provide a fully water repellent surface and a hermetically sealed oxygen free environment.

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Industries we work with

  • Airports
  • Agriculture
  • Seaworks
  • Construction
  • Engineering & Fabricators
  • Plumbing & HVAC
  • Marine
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • Off shore wind energy
  • Oil & Gas & Power Generation
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Prominent technical features

Asset Protector works based on the following technical features:

  • Salt, Acid and Alkaline resistant and Waterproof
  • Jetwash resistant to 3000 psi or 200 bar and won’t be displaced
  • Petroleum resistant
  • Non conductive to 70,000 volts (use on all electrics and circuit boards)
  • Prevents electrolysis (no more siezed nuts and bolts or outboard motor legs!)
  • Non evaporative
  • Heat resistant to 450 degrees celsius
  • Ecologically sound (can be used safely in marine environments)
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