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We produce and sell a range of Long Lasting, Natural, Powerful and Environmentally friendly Anti-Corrosive Liquids & Lubricants which have been developed over more than 35 years and have remarkable properties and powerful protection features.

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All of our products and coating systems benefit from the similar properties – They all provide lubrication, prevent corrosion, rust, verdigris and electrolysis and all are non-conductive to 70Kv.  They create a highly effective barrier against these problems by creating a fully water repellent surface and a hermetically sealed oxygen free environment.

All products are suited to all metals and will protect and NOT perish rubber or other materials coated when applying.  They are a more effective anti-corrosive than type II zinc coating and will resist jet washing up to 3000psi (200bar).  They are all very simple to apply, natural, non-toxic and safe to use, transport and handle.

To ensure you are able to apply Asset Protector wherever needed, it is available in three consistencies and variants:

We also have a range of cleaners too, should you need to remove the product or wish to pre prepare an area.

  • Asset Protector AP001
  • Asset Protector AP101

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