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Asset Protector AP 200


Asset Protector AP 200 is thinner with less viscosity than the Asset Protector AP 300 spray therefore it leaves a finer coating, it also has anti-fungal properties. These two things mean that as well as being suited to all metals it is also well suited for applying to wood, leather and fabrics.

In particular the thinner nature of AP 200 and the generic non-conductive properties also mean it is particularly well suited for use on electrical circuits and systems.  All our products are good for easing mechanisms and creating lower friction. Asset Protector AP 200 is also very effective at releasing seized parts and as our products are long lasting, keeping them unseized.

Asset Protector AP 200 is available in small trigger spray bottles, 5 litre Jerry Cans, 200 litre Drums and 1000 litre IBC’s.  Application can be by simple trigger spray, airless spraying device (like a fence sprayer), low pressure paint gun or simply by a cloth or paint brush.  It can also be used as a bath.



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