The Problem

The traditional method of removing hardened fertiliser from around the chassis and primary functions of the front-end loader has been repeated manual chipping using chisel or pneumatic tools. The moisture trapped around the components and fittings causes corrosion to panel steel, seizure of nuts and bolts, break-down of electrical components and deterioration in appearance of the machine. Mechanics are required to clean these areas and remove the hardened fertiliser before servicing could proceed. Front-end loader drivers would repeat this as part of a weekly maintenance schedule, creating downtime for both the employee and the machine. This has been a major issue for Ballance Agri-Nutrients for a number of years.

The Solution

The Maintenance Engineer at Ballance Agri-Nutrients, has worked with front end loaders operators, the maintenance team and Asset Protector to develop and implement safe and environmentally friendly cleaning programmes for the loaders. The operators have been trained to follow a Standard Operating Procedure that:

  • Replaces harmful products, such as diesel, with natural products that are safe to use,
  • Significantly reduces hot water consumption,
  • Ensures consistent cleaning,
  • Saves money (in both time and direct costs).

The regular Asset Protector corrosion protection programme is both environmentally friendly and cost effective.

The following images show the improvement that Asset Protector has made to the state of the  equipment after being used for 2 years.