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We are always working on this page and continually refining our message as to the top set of reasons our customers work with us.  We understand and truly believe these to be:

JCB Salt handler valve block protected1) We reduce operational risk by reducing machine downtime whilst lengthen the life of parts, lower service, maintenance and repair costs: Our Asset Protector coatings reduce corrosion on all materials and surfaces of your Assets and crucially increase protection of hoses, rubbers and seals.  Machinery, Plant and Engines will stay like new, cleaner and last longer.

2) Save cost, time and labour: Our applicators are quick and our products are safe, quick and easy to apply.  Your machine and plant cleaning will be easier, repairs and parts replacement much less frequent and overall machine downtime will be less.

3) Help the environment: Our products do not contain harsh chemicals which can harm you, your assets and the environment.  Asset Protector products are made with natural alternatives that are still just as effective and long lasting.  Keeping the machines in great condition and allowing them to have an extended life means replacing them less frequently.

4) Protect your team: Save your team having to repair hard to work on machines due to corrosion that can sometimes “bite back”.  Also, our products are non toxic and do not require special handling or protective clothing (COSSH).  They are not in the controlled substances list and can be safely and freely transported.  This also results in easier and more cost effective use.




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